Unlock the power of collaborative play with your students.

The Game to Grow Method of Educationally Applied Role-Playing Games: A level one training for educators, is a six-hour training. This training will cover the benefits of role-playing games when played with intent, as well as strategies for effectively communicating the basics of the game and benefits with students, parents, and administrators. We’ll discuss the Core Capacities highlighted in Critical Core that can be supported through intentional play. We’ll also explore ways in which these games and auxiliary activities (character creation, worldbuilding, encounter design), align with Common Core standards and can enhance your classroom culture.

Following participation in this training, attendees should be able to:

  1. Describe the basic structure and elements of a tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG).
  2. Describe (some of) the inherent benefits of TTRPG play and their relevance for academic and educational outcomes.
  3. Discuss the potential benefits and risks of engaging in tabletop role-playing games with stakeholders such as students, parents, and program administrators.
  4. List the five Core Capacities addressed through the intentional application of role-playing games.
  5. Describe the three dimensions of capacity-building.
  6. Use the three dimensions of capacity-building to explain how the Core Capacities can be used in the intentional application of TTRPGs to support social emotional learning goals.
  7. Appropriately tie game elements and auxiliary activities to Common Core standards.
  8. Describe ways in which TTRPGs are especially useful as participation structures for neurodivergent youth.

TrainersAdam Davis, MA Ed, and Elizabeth Kilmer, PhD

Length: This training is 6 hours long, and can be viewed on your timeline. Videos can be re-watched.

Note on CEs: At the time of this recording, Game to Grow was providing CEs for Washington educators. Game to Grow is no longer providing CEs for this training.

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